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Why Enhance Edit?

We strive to simplify the lives and workloads of creatives, to allow them to further pursue their passions.

Enhance Edit is the service created by photographers, for photographers.

We've been out in the field ourselves and understand the challenge of balancing personal life with business, a huge part of that struggle comes after the session, when you bring the project home to edit.

We understand how tiresome it is to constantly be editing your projects amidst the distractions of personal life and all other details of keeping your business running, that is why we started Enhance Edit.

We offer the opportunity to Enhance your life and your business by giving your time back to you through outsourcing your editing workload. With Enhance Edit you can relax, because you can rest assured that while you're meeting with another client, your latest photo project is continuing to progress toward perfection by your friendly Enhance team, and it's being done exactly how you like it. By the time you come back, refreshed from your family vacation or motivated from booking your newest client, we'll have your completed project ready for you to review and send to your client!

How We Help You

From culling and color grading, to touching up and manipulating, we are here to make your life easier by taking care of your needs. 
Matching your already developed style is what we do best. We take time to get to know more about you and your needs before we begin the process of enhancing your photos to fit that style.
For Photoshop Enhancements, simply let us know what needs to be done with each photo and we'll take care of the rest.
For Lightroom Enhancements, we begin by doing an Enhance Trial, which is simply enhancing a small batch of sample photos for you to make sure we have the edits just the way you like them. Once confirmed, you can begin sending us your full projects! And while we get to work on your photos we encourage you to begin a new routine of skipping out of the office, flinging the door wide open and yelling "I'M FREE!"*

*Enhance will not be held responsible for any annoyed neighbors or strange looks that may be received upon loud and clear expression of your freedom.


Submitting Files

All files should be submitted via an online file sharing service that maintains full quality and downloadability. Services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer are recommended.

We will typically provide you with an upload link you may use to share your files to make the process for you as easy and as simplified as possible.

File types

Lightroom Enhancing

Lightroom users:

For batch culling, color grading, cropping, or touch ups, you will need to first import your photos into Lightroom with standard previews enabled. Once you've imported all of your photos and all of the previews have been fully generated, you'll then upload the Lightroom catalog file "MyPhotos.lrcat" and the preview data file "MyPhotos Smart Previews.lrdata" for us to receive.

We will then send you back your fully edited Lightroom catalog file "MyPhotos Enhanced.lrcat" for you to put right next to the original, and then use as normal.


Using this method not only allows us to pick up where you left off, but it also allows you to maintain full editing capabilities upon return should you need to make any adjustments before exporting the completed batch of photos.

Non-Lightroom users:

For the best and quickest results, we highly recommend using the Lightroom method to send your photos. However, for photographers not using Lightroom we request that you upload all of your photos in the original, unedited, RAW file format they were taken in, then put all photos inside a folder with the name of your project and send.

NOTE: We charge an additional $0.10 when color grading file types that are not RAW, such as JPG's. JPG and other compressed file types do not have the flexible qualities that RAW files do.

Photoshop Enhancing

Lightroom users:

When requesting to have Photoshop Enhancements done we highly recommend that your photos be fully color graded first. This is because once you save your photos for Photoshop work they will lose all of the flexibility of editing they once had as RAW files and the effects of any further color grading changes may differ from the same edits made to the rest of your RAW files.

While in LR, right click the photo you want to have Enhanced, and select "Edit in Photoshop". Once the photo opens in Photoshop you may exit and save the photo without making any changes. You will then notice the photo in Lightroom now has a duplicate next to it. Right-click the duplicate file and select "Open in Finder/Windows Explorer" and send us the TIFF or PSD file that is located there. This is the same location you will place the completed photo into once we send it back to you, replacing the previous TIFF or PSD.

Non-Lightroom users:

If you are not using Lightroom, simply send us the RAW photos you need Enhanced and that's it.

Turnaround Times

As photographers, we understand the importance of quick turnaround times so you can provide your clients with their highly anticipated photos.

We strive to provide you (our fellow photographers) with equally quick turn around times and friendly customer service so that you can have your photos Enhanced and delivered to your clients just as soon as possible.


Lightroom Enhancing

Large Projects: A project with more than 300 photos after culling such as a wedding will be delivered to you within 14 days.

Small Projects: A project with 300 or less photos after culling such as a senior portrait session will be delivered to you within 7 days.

Photoshop Enhancing

Photoshop timing can vary depending on the type of Enhancements being applied. You can expect most Photoshop projects to be completed and delivered to you within 72 hours.

Rush Enhancing

For those time sensitive projects needing priority, we can rush your project for an additional 30% cost.


Rewards Program

Hey guess what? For our loyal photographers, we have a rewards program where you can earn free Lightroom project Enhancements! Here's how it works.


When you reach a certain number of Lightroom projects Enhanced, we'll do one for you free of charge! 

Small Projects: Every 40th project is free.

Large Projects: Every 10th project is free.

You don't have to do anything to enroll in our rewards program. You're automatically enrolled once you submit your first order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you just cull or just color grade my photos without doing the full edit?

A: Absolutely! We are here to help in whatever areas you need it most. If you only need help with one of our offers (color grading, culling, or additional touch ups) we can do that for you. 

Q: How does the $20 minimum work? Can I not send you my smaller projects anymore?

A: Don't freak out! You can still send us your smaller projects. If your project doesn't reach the $20 minimum then you will just be charged a flat rate of $20 for that project. 

Q: How do I know which pricing category my Photoshop Enhancements will fall under?

A: Sometimes it may be hard to determine which pricing category your Enhancement requests will fit under, or you may have a unique request. Simply message us with a description and a preview of the images you need Enhanced and we will provide you with a price quote.

Q: Why is there a "+" for the Level 3 Extreme Manipulations pricing?

A: There really is no limit to the the various different kinds of Photoshop tasks that can be done, and sometimes you may have a special request that goes beyond what our normal pricing would cover. As always, you would simply send us a preview of your photos and a description of what you need done with them, and we'll work out the cost for your particular request.