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Photo Services

Culling Sample-2.jpg



We cull with the understanding of the tender and silly moments, along with the stellar images that happen during a session. We'll clear out the awkward and duplicate photos so you can deliver a gallery of fun, creative photos with good variety.

Simply give us a target number and we'll do the rest!

$0.07 Per Photo

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Maybe you had a stiff neck so all your photos are leaning a bit too much to the left. Or you're like me and your center point is always off just a little.

Either way,  save even more time by having us straighten and crop your photos for you as needed.

$0.10 Per Photo

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Color Grading

Color grading is part of every photo editing process. We'll make the necessary adjustments to bring the right colors and tones out while matching your style and allowing your photos to look their best.

$0.40 Per Photo

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Touch Ups

This includes: Adjustment Brush, Gradient layers, or Spot Removal.

Making backgrounds stand out, removing acne, softening or brightening the faces.

Sometimes photos need some love to make them come alive and we have the tools and ability to do just that!

$1.00 Per Photo

$20 Minimum orders
7-14 day delivery
expediting option available

Full Edit 10% Off

We'll provide the necessary edits for $1.35 per photo.



Level 1

Basic Refinements

Patching up those rough spots, combing down that hair, removing a leash, and other quick fixes may not exactly be a picnic, but how about you go out on an actual picnic while we stay behind and take care of these for you.

$5 Per Photo



Level 2

Advanced Modifications

Perhaps your background is a mess, or maybe someone thought it'd be funny to photobomb your near-perfect photo. Allow us to work in the set extensions and call in the photobomb squad to defuse the situation.

$10 Per Photo



Level 3

Extreme Manipulations

Your client changed their mind on that sign, wanted someone else in the photo, or are making outlandish requests of their amazing photographer who they think can magically do anything. Either way, we've got your back!

$25+ Per Photo

72 hour delivery
expediting option available


Video Services


Adobe Premiere Pro • Final Cut Pro X • DaVinci Resolve



We'll sort through the footage and set aside and label the best footage with the most potential to make the edit that much easier.

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The Cut

The cut is where the magic happens, and where everything comes together in harmony toward the end result that drives the story and touches the hearts of your audience. It's a tapestry of art, and we'll compose it for you.


Color Grading

Color grading is key to setting the mood and feel of your video. We'll touch up your video's colors and soften any rough tones.



We'll go through your project and touch up transitions, clip placement, volume levels, stabilize video, and refine other video and audio details in your timeline.