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“Editing is the simplest thing ever!” - No One Ever

We have found that the only way to truly match a persons style is to learn more about them. The only way to do that is through clear communication between us and our clients. Our Enhance trial for batch-editing is the perfect place to start the communication process! In this blog post we’ll explain what our Enhance trial is and how it works.

What Is An Enhance Trial?

Our Enhance trial is a free introduction service we provide to photographers seeking to lessen their batch-editing workload and maintain a consistent color style for all of their projects. So if you are looking to put more time into your clients or personal life this year by outsourcing your editing, than this is the perfect place to start!

How To Begin

It begins with introducing yourself. Let us know you are interested in using Enhance to outsource your batch-editing by contacting us on Facebook or through our website!

Once we’ve received your email we will then send you an upload link where you can send up to 15 RAW test photos. These photos should be from past sessions that you have already edited, as it will help you to know how close we’ve come to matching your style. We also recommend that you send from multiple different sessions and various lighting and color situations. For example, a good variety for a Wedding photographer would be: Getting Ready, Couple Portraits, Indoor Portraits, Ceremony, Reception, Dance. That gives us, and you, a good idea of how you prefer each unique setting during a wedding day to be Enhanced.

How We Match Your Style

When you send the files, we’ll ask you to let us know what types of edits you would like done on the photos; color grading, cropping, and/or touch ups. And we’ll also have you describe in 3-4 words your editing and coloring style. If you have any specific likes and dislikes in editing let us know that as well. We may also reference your website or most recent portfolios on social media for color and style examples, so if you have specific photos you feel are a perfect example of your style feel free to reference that for us when describing your style. The more information you give us the better!

Turn-Around Time You can expect your 15 trial photos delivered to you within 5 business days of receiving them from you.

FEEDBACK!!!! Alright. You’ve sent your trial photos. We’ve worked our Enhancement magic on them and delivered them back to you. So now what?

Feedback. We now want your unbiased, unfiltered feedback.

Once you have had a chance to sit down and take a thorough look over the photos we want to get on a call with you to discuss how it all went. If everything looks great then we'll lock in that style and be set and ready for your first project!

If some things don't fit the way you'd prefer, then we will talk through those things with you and make any necessary changes needed to best match your style and represent your brand.

We firmly believe in strong communication here at Enhance, so if you have a question or concern about anything during the process we want to hear from you so it can be addressed. And know that if any questions arise during the editing process on our end, we will reach out to you as well to ensure the best results possible. So let's begin your Enhance trial! We'll take it from here. ~ The Enhance Team

Fun Fact: Instead of saying “cheese” before taking a picture, Victorians said “prunes”, as it gave a more serious facial expression.

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